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Meet Zaria, The Hair Show Hair Stylist for Mentally Beautiful Fashion & Hair Show 2022. 


I am often referred to as Ashanti and I'm 22 years and I'm from California. I am a licensed medical assistant but I decided to leave that work environment to become an entrepreneur after giving birth to my daughter. After becoming licensed I plan on opening a Wig Bar. My husband is a Future Navy Sailor and what I love about Cosmetology is that I can provide this public service for anyone all over the world. Recently I had my daughter last year. She was born prematurely when I was 6 months pregnant and she was 1 pound and 3oz. She is currently 1 and a half years old and she is the reason why I get up every day. Her motivation to live and fight each day, and be happy while doing it encourages me to always work hard and nothing is guaranteed, so live each moment to the fullest.

To The Dome; Being a Hairstylist to me means allowing myself the area to express my creative mind while also making a difference in people's self esteem. I specialize in Shampoo scalp treatment , Cut and styles, Braided Looks, Perms and Updos , and Ponytails with Extensions, Hair Straightening and Perm rod sets, Wash and gos.


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Meet Abigail Hyde, Our Hair Show Makeup Artist 

Available for Fashion Shows, Photoshoots, Bridal Events, + More. 

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