Manifest Hair Growth- No More Bad Hair Days!
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Manifest Hair Growth- No More Bad Hair Days!


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    Does looking at your hairline always leave you feeling a sense of disappointment? As people who have dealt with hair loss and helped clients dealing with hair loss, we know how stressful that journey can be. The constant state of stress, looking for remedies online, and reading through forums in the hopes of finding a way to fill up that ever-growing bald spot. We know exactly how you feel.

    It’s time to start looking inwards—to the constant voice in your head that feeds you with self-doubt and never-ending skepticism. And turn it into one that is positive and hopeful.

    Here at KT Beauty Boom we value “Beauty is Power” and our products are made from natural Ingredients supplied by the earth from the finest Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, and Herbs. 

    Inside this book are positive Hair affirmations to help you get in tune with your hair.

    We have experienced healthy hair growth and have witnessed countless people who have seen unbelievable results. 

    And with this book, we share “our secret” to regrowing your hair.

    •  We show you our secret hair regimens to nourish your scalp, revitalize your hair follicles and get those luscious locks to grow again.

    • Alopecia Hair Loss Facts, Hair growth & Hair loss remedies, Healthy Hair & length retention tips, Hair Affirmations & Hair Regimens,Manifest List Questions, Our “How we got started” Story, Diet & Nutrition Information.  

    • We teach you the exact affirmations to use to create a shift from within so that you can fight hair loss from the inside out. 

    • You will also be taught how to style and care for your newly growing healthy hair, using KT Beauty Boom products.

      Written by the mother-daughter duo of Kristie K. Coleman & Thelma J. Coleman, this book offers expert advice and affirmations to live a life where you never have to feel self-conscious about your hair again.

      No more bad hair days. Order your “Manifest Hair Growth” book today.

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