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Meet the mother and daughter team, behind the brand!
Thelma Coleman is a Board Certified Hair Loss Practitioner. Kristie Coleman is a film producer and a Chemistry Major.
We started KT BEAUTY BOOM with one mission “to restore hair for lost heads” and we want you to be next!
My mother is the “WHY” behind the brand. She was losing her hair to chemo/radiation treatments, and she wanted it back! Kristie is a vegan and Chemistry Major, she did a lot of research on natural and organic hair growth enhancer oils and that idea birth the XXL Hair! This oil is packed with over 40 of the best oils, herbs, and fruit plants to help fight hair loss at the deepest level of the hair shaft-the medulla. And it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, no hassle!
Remember beauty is power and please call us 713-331-3551 or email us with any questions at support@ktbeautyboom.com
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